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00's Music Group Costume

00's Music Group Costume

$100 Bill Costume

The $100 Bill costume includes includes a suit with dollar print that simply slips over whatever you are wearing.

101 Dalmatians Dress Costume

The 101 Dalmatians Ballerina dress has a full tulle bottom spotted with black dots and pretty red bow and sash around the waist.

10 Union Jack Print Balloons

10 Union Jack Print Balloons!

118118 Man Costume

118118 Man vest and snazzy shorts.

118 118 Moustache

118 118 Moustache.

118 Brown Wig & Moustache Set

118 Brown Wig & Moustache Set

118 Moustache Accessory

This stick on moustache is made with furry material with a self adhesive backing.

12 Spiders Decorations

Pack of 12 spiders.

15ml Special Effects Fake Blood

This 15ml fake blood bottle does not stain the skin and washes out of most fabrics. The blood is thick and 15ml will cover a surprisingly large amount!

1920s Brown Flapper Wig

The 1920s Flapper Wig features brown hair in a short and wavy style.

1920s Couple Costume

1920s Couple Costume

1920s Flapper Wig Blonde

The 1920s Flapper Wig Blonde is short and curly.

1920s Gangster Couples Costume

1920's Gangster Couples Costume

1920s Scarf Accessory

1920s satin effect scarf.

1920s Silent Movie Costume

The 1920s silent movie includes a fringe flapper dress, feather headpiece, white feather boa, long black gloves, grey face paint and a blank screen card and chalk.

1940s Army Gal Costume

1940s Army Gal Costume

1940s Army Soldier Costume

1940s Army Soldier Costume

1950s Blue Dress Costume

The 1950s Blue Dress is a halter neck dress with attached collar and fair skirt with pockets! Also included is a bow hair clip.

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